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The Fabulous Ely Cathedral virtual show..

This weekend is usually the highlight of my year where the most beautiful venue opens it doors to the most fabulous array of crafters celebrating everything Christmas.

As I think back on previous years where the scent of spiced oranges and fir wreaths welcomed you when entering the high vaults of the Cathedral, where the festive hugs greeted you from the familiar faces of like-minded stallholders and the excitement of seeing excited shoppers filled you with joy....... And then there was covid....

Ely Cathedral made the decision a few months ago that the event was unable to go ahead, little did we know that we would be back in lockdown over the exact weekend of the show.

The only way therefore giving the hugely deflated exhibitors a chance to showcase their wares was to organise a virtual fair where traders would be responsible in creating their own online facilities to sell online in this new and rather technical world which we had all found ourselves in.

My website which had predominantly been designed with fascinators in mind suddenly had the job in hosting all sides of the business, and after many hours of hard work and adding new ranges, my virtual Christmas gift shop came to life.

I decided to add a discount incentive to many of the pieces to allow my customers to shop in their usual way without having to justify a shipping cost onto the standard prices. My little way of saying thank you for seeking me out in such strange times.

Aside from my beautiful collection I have to say that this event is a host to a huge array of wonderful crafters, talented people and generally lovely folk.

I have attached the link to the Ely Virtual fair and I would definitely recommend a browse of all the stallholders online shops.

Having landed on my blog you would have had the chance to browse my collections which again I thank you for, however do also check out what the other stallholders have to offer and do remember that your support will make a huge difference to these small businesses who have all have an impossible year in making a living doing what they love to do.

A big thankyou to Joss and the Ely team xx

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