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Face Mask factory open for business

With a huge demand for face coverings i embarked on the strangest journey of mass production at the beginning of April. It was never a fashion accessory that i could have imagined would have ever be needed but with wedding accessories not in a massive demand and talk bookings cancelled i had the time and creative energy to make what turned into many hundreds of orders.

Through various trials in design and investigations into the best fabric choices, filter options and fitting requirements our very own designer face mask range was born and the popularity was huge.

Now into June i am still working on mask orders everyday and whats more i have added lots of new and exciting prints along the way. With worldwide demand i made the decision to set up the face mask shop through my Etsy shop rather that my own website which was all a little hot off the press. You can find the link to the face mask shop at the top of my home page and if you have any hesitation just check out the fabulous reviews.

My beautiful daughter has proved to be the most fabulous model and has broken up the daily routine of homework and walks.

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